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Coal Conveyor

Coal Conveyor Introduction

Coal conveyor is used to move coal around efficiently. Coal arriving by train can be stocked for later use or taken straight to the coal bunkers. An automatic control system helps to ensure that the conveyors take the coal to the right bunkers.

In the thermal power plant and other coal processing plant, belt conveyor is the main machine in the conveyoring system. It is used to transport coal into another coal processing machine.

Coal Conveyor Main Feature and Benefit

The belt conveyor produced by SJLC in China can be operated in the temperature situation ranging from -20 to +40. The temperature of transferred material by this belt conveyor should be lower than 50.The types of the belt conveyors produced by SJLC are as follows:coal conveyor
1. Devided by Driving Method:
a. STD-Mechanical DriveIt's driven by cycloidal pinwheel reducer (with outdoor motor ) and chain-drive mechanism.
b. STDJ Mechanical Drive Series.It adopts upside-down reducer and belt-drive mechanize.
c. STD-Electric Rotor Drive SeriesIt's driven by electric rotor.
2. Divided by Installation Methods:
a. Fixed Series It's directly installed on foundation.
b. SDY-Portable SeriesIt can be easily and freely moved and the capacity can be adjusted.
3. Divided by Structures:
The belt conveyors produced by SJLC have three different structures.
a. U-steel b. Frame c. Truss

Belt conveyor classification

Belt conveyor can be used to transfer bulk materials or materials in pieces. According to different transferring requirements, the transferring system can be of only one belt conveyor or consists of several conveyors, or combined with other transferring equipments. The belt conveyor can be installed horizontally or aslope to meet the needs of different transferring requirements.

Coal conveyor is belonging to belt conveyor. Belt conveyor also called belt conveyer or conveyor belt. Belt conveyor is usually classified according to if there have traction equipments including traction conveyor and no-traction conveyor.Traction conveyors include draper-type belt conveyor, slat conveyor, trolley conveyors, escalators, scraper conveyor, bucket conveyor, bucket elevator and overhead cable, etc.

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